27 March 2017

When in Doubt

(Notes from Teen Journal)

24 March 2017

22 March 2017

Only One Life...

(Notes from my teen journal)

6 March 2017

No Regrets

Last night when everyone in my house was asleep, I was looking through some old journals from when I was in my late teens. I mostly wrote down verses and other things I read in devotionals books that I found helpful.
Reading through these journals, I couldn't help but be happy that I have no regrets from my teen years. Sure, I did dumb things sometimes and I was far from perfect, but in general, I have no regrets. I had a real relationship with God, I read the Bible and prayed for myself and I used my talents to serve God and reach out to others. I am not boasting. I could easily have ruined my life. I really don't know how I would have turned out if I had grown up in another family or in different circumstances. 
But the point is, are you living your life in a way that you will regret?
Are you wasting your teen years? Or are you making the most of them?
Do you flit from boy to boy with no purpose? Or are you praying for wisdom to know God's choice for you when he comes?
Do you read the Bible for yourself? Do you communicate with God yourself?
Are you taking every opportunity to serve God?
One day you will look back on your teen years. Will you be happy like I am, or will you think, What a waste
I know you can't change what you have already done. But you can change what you are doing right now. You can change your future.
Live your life with no regrets.
I would like to share some of the notes from my journals with you over the next few weeks.
This is one of the quotes...

5 March 2017

A True Friend

When you read the story of Jonathan and David, there are lots of tips you will find about being a good friend.

1)Jonathan loved David as his own soul.
1 Samuel 18:1,3 and 20:17
Do you love your friends as yourself? Do you treat them how you want to be treated?

2)Jonathan gave gifts to David.
1 Samuel 18:4
As one person said, You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving. Do you have a giving attitude towards your friends? Is doesn't only have to be gifts, but what about time, attention, kind words, or encouragement?

3)Jonathan was loyal to David
1 Samuel 19:1-3
David was an enemy of Saul, Jonathan's dad. But Jonathan was always loyal and stuck up for him. Are you loyal to your friends? Even if you are around people who don't like them? Do you stick up for them?

4) Jonathan warned David.
1 Samuel 19:1-4
David's life was in danger, so Jonathan warned him. Do you warn your friends when you see them headed for trouble? It's not always easy to warn our friends! But true love doesn't sit and watch someone walk down the wrong track. Love warns even if they won't listen.

5)Jonathan spoke well of David
1 Samuel 19:4
Jonathan's Dad wanted to kill David, but Jonathan spoke up and reminded Saul of the good David had done. Do you speak kindly about your friends? Do you think and speak about their good points or do you focus on their faults? Do you gossip about them behind their back?

6)David came to Jonathan for help
1 Samuel 20:1-3
It's not always easy to ask for help. But that's what friends are for! We need to be humble and ask for help when we need it.

7)Jonathan was willing to help David
1 Samuel 20:4
Jonathan was willing to do whatever it took to help David. Do you have the same attitude? Do you care enough to help your friends?

8)Jonathan challenged Saul on behalf of David.
1 Samuel 20:32
Saul told Jonathan to fetch David so he could kill him. But Jonathan challenged him and said, "Why? What has he done?"
Do you challenge those who want to hurt your friends? Do you speak up for them?

9)Jonathan risked his father's anger and his own life to help David.
1 Samuel 20:33-34
When Jonathan challenged Saul, he was nearly killed. Saul threw a spear at him. Jonathan still went on helping David. Do you help your friends even when it costs you something? Even when other people don't like you anymore?

10)Jonathan encouraged David in the LORD.
1 Samuel 23:16
Jonathan didn't only help David physically, he also helped him spiritually. He encouraged and strengthened him. It's important to help your friends practically. But it is even more important to encourage them in God and pray for them. Do your care about whether your friend knows God? Do you care about their soul?