5 May 2015

Preparing to be a Help Meet

(Lessons from Eve #1)
And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. Genesis 2:18

When you think about getting married in the future, what comes to your mind?
 Having someone to love YOU, provide for YOU, give YOU a home...?
Or having someone for YOU to love and be a help and companion to?

Eve was created to be a help and companion to Adam.
A lot of wives today are not much of a help or a companion to their husbands. We are naturally so selfish and focused on ourselves and what we want. When we think about marriage, we don't necessarily think about being a help!

What are some ways you could prepare to be a helpmeet?
(Even if you never marry, these tips will still come in handy.)
1) Learn skills
Cooking, driving, gardening/yard work, looking after children etc.
Cooking is a big one! It's best to learn as much as possible before you are married, as once you are married meal planning becomes a big daily responsibility.
You don't want your husband to be like the newly wed guy who said, "My wife really worships me. She puts before me three burnt offerings every day!" :)

2) Learn to keep a tidy room/house.
It's one thing to have a bedroom to keep in order, but it's another thing to have a whole house to look after. It's good to learn to keep your room clean and tidy and then it won't be so overwhelming when you have a whole house. Also, I can assure you, your husband will appreciate coming home to a clean orderly house!

3) Keep your heart for your man.

When you are married, you will have to stay faithful to your man. But if you are used to switching boyfriends regularly and flirting with anyone, how will you stay true to your man? God only has one man for you, so why not keep your heart pure until He shows you the right one?

4) Respect your father and/or any other authority in your life.

If you don't respect your father now, you probably won't respect your husband. Your father has much more experience than your future husband, so if you can't respect your father for his rules, authority and decisions, you won't respect your husband with his little experience/wisdom. Even though he isn't perfect and makes mistakes sometimes, respect him. Your husband won't be perfect either!

5) Learn to be content and thankful.

If you're not happy and fulfilled as a single woman, you won't be content as a wife either. You will not automatically become fulfilled once you are married.
Also, if you learn to be content and not covetous, you will be a big blessing to your husband as you will help save money!

6) Start praying for him.

As a wife, you'll need to pray for your husband that he will make the right decisions as he leads the family. Why not get in the habit now? All young guys need a lot of prayer! Even if you never marry, I don't believe your prayers will be wasted.

7) Make a list of all you want your husband to be, then learn to be that yourself.

It's easy to have expectations and yet not come close to meeting them ourselves. If you learn to be what you want your husband to be, you'll attract the type of husband you want.

8) Learn how guys think.

Males and females think very differently! If you learn how he thinks and what he needs, then you will be a better and happier wife!! Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is a good book to learn how men think.

9) Study the Bible to see what God says to women.
What does the Bible say about how girls/women should live and act? What does God expect from wives? Why not find out?

28 April 2015

Wanting is Not Enough!

Image result for old man playing violinA famous violinist, who was very old, was playing his last concert. The whole world came to hear him play. After he got through playing a young violinist came up to him and said, "Sir, I would give my life to play like you." The old man looked at the young boy and said, "Son, I have given my life to play like me."

I can relate to that young boy. I look at people and admire their abilities or their character and I want what they have.  But often I forget what it took for them to get where they are. I just want to have what they have without any work! Are you the same?
To get good at something, you need to work hard and practice. You need to cut out other things that hinder or distract.

Do you ever look at someone and want what they have?
      ...a close relationship with God
      ...a great knowledge of the Bible
      ...closeness to God in prayer
      ...a talent--playing a musical instrument, art, speaking, writing, a sport, etc.
      ...a character quality--patience, self control, friendliness etc.

These things don't just happen. You may want lots of good things, but unless you are willing to put the time and effort in, you'll never get there.
Even when someone has a natural talent for something, they still need to practice and work hard to develop and improve their God-given ability.

If you want to know God, you need to do something.
If you want to know the Bible, you need to do something.
If you want to learn how to pray, you need to do something.
If you want to be good at something, you need to do something.
If you want to have great character qualities, you need to do something.
Of course, you should pray and trust God for them. But don't stop there! Use the means God has given you. Don't be a sluggard!

Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

24 April 2015

Too Small to Pray About?

When Corrie ten Boom had been a prisoner in the concentration camp for a few days, she said to her  sister Betsy, "I have a cold, but I don't have any handkerchief. What should I do?"
Betsy answered, "Pray."
Corrie laughed. Pray for a handkerchief??
But Betsy didn't laugh. She folded her hands and prayed, "Father, in Jesus' name, I pray that You will give Corrie a handkerchief because she has got a cold. Amen."
She had hardly said 'Amen' when Corrie heard someone call out her name. She went to the window and there stood a friend of hers--a fellow prisoner who worked in the hospital. Corrie said "Can you come and visit me?" The friend replied, "No, no. I have no time. I just came to bring you a little present." She gave Corrie a very small package. Corrie opened it and there was a handkerchief!
"How in the world did you know that I needed a handkerchief?" exclaimed Corrie in amazement.
Her friend explained, "I found an old sheet and was sewing handkerchiefs from it. When I was busy, there was a voice in my heart which said, 'Bring a handkerchief to Corrie ten Boom.'"
I love this little story! It proves that there is nothing too small too pray about!
God cares about our smallest needs. It can seem silly to pray about some things, but God has told us in Philippians 4:6 to  Be careful  (anxious) for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
If something is big enough to bother you, it's big enough to pray about it. If its big enough to worry you, it's big enough to talk to God about.
What's bothering you today? Have you prayed about it?

18 April 2015

Are you on Track?

I once read a story in my local newspaper of a mother and teen daughter who got themselves into a very awkward situation. They were hiking at a place called the Pinnacles and decided to go off track to explore. They made it about 60 metres before they got trapped on a rocky ledge above a sheer cliff. The Rescue helicopter had to come and rescue them.
The newspaper article was called “Detour off track sheer stupidity.”
Somebody who saw what happened told the newspaper, “It's beyond me that anyone could be so stupid and get themselves in that position.”
Somebody else said, “I think it was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time.”
Getting off track got them into a lot of trouble, and they could have gotten really hurt.
Walking tracks are built for a reason. But you have to choose to stick to them.
I was listening to a preacher preach a sermon on how people are like sheep. Sheep also like to wander off track. A few times during the sermon he asked, “What are sheep?” The audience answered, “Sheep are dumb.” Then the preacher asked again, “What are we?” The audience answered, “Sheep!” “What are sheep??!!” “Sheep are dumb!”
The Bible says
All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah 53:6
God is not talking about going off track on a walking path here, but about going our own way in life--doing what we think is right. Doing things our own way. Wanting to live “our own life.”
I was having a discussion with a guy from Israel once. His name was Judas!:) He said he believed in God, but he wanted to do it his own way. At breakfast time the next morning (This guy was having breakfast with us), Dad was reading the Bible and he must have read Isaiah 53 because I pricked up my ears when I heard, we have turned every one to his own way. I really hoped Judas was listening! Because his own way will not get him to Heaven.
When we live life in touch with God, asking him for direction and obeying His Word, we are on track. When we start to neglect our Bibles, forget to pray or deliberately do what we know is wrong we are like the woman and her daughter who went off the walking track. We are 'exploring' on dangerous ground and we'll end up in trouble sooner or later. Thankfully there is a “Rescue.” Psalms 50:15 says “And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”
Although going our own way is 'sheer stupidity' and we get ourselves into unnecessary trouble, God is amazingly kind to help us when we call to Him. That is, if we do it before death. Once our time is up, it is... too late.
Where are you right now?
Are you on track?
Have you come to God His way, through Jesus Christ?
Are you listening to God and living life His way?

Or are you off track?
Exploring sin?
Doing something that seems like a good idea right now but will bring trouble later?
Are you detouring off God's track? That's sheer stupidity!

“Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.” Proverbs 4:27

6 April 2015

Count Your Blessings!

Are you ever jealous of your friends or other people you see? Do you envy their good looks, talents, personality, job, family, church, friendships, money, clothes, opportunities etc.?
Our very first photo together!
When I was around 20yrs, I attended a friend's wedding. I was in a relationship with my future husband at the time. As I thought about this friend's relationship with her groom, it seemed to me like she had everything easy. I faced difficulties in our relationship for several reasons. My man was from a different country and culture. He couldn't speak English very well, so communication was difficult. He was from a different kind of church, which meant lots of issues to talk through and work out. He lived 41/2 hours away, which meant getting to know each other was very slow. Also, I had always hoped for a short relationship before marriage, but instead it was stretched over 3 years.
This friend didn't have most of these challenges and I started to feel jealous.
All of a sudden I felt very ashamed of myself when I remembered her family situation. Her parents were divorced and at her wedding she had all the awkwardness that brings.  I didn't have that.
True, I had my difficulties, but my friend had hers, too, and there was no reason for me to be jealous. I wouldn't have swapped my problems for hers and she probably wouldn't have swapped hers for mine.
I was even more ashamed a few years later when I found out that she and her husband are unable to have children, while I've had no trouble in that area.
I have a friend who has her mother living quite close. As my mother lives 41/2 hours away, sometimes I've felt a little jealous of this friend. And then one day she confessed that she is sometimes envious that I have so many sisters (as she has none). That made me laugh because here I was envying her! But we each have our blessings to be thankful for.
I thought I had this lesson learned, but just this week I was watching a video of a young
lady and she was talking about a particular blessing in her life. Once again I started to feel discontented and envious, because what she has is something I would love. Then I remembered! That young lady had 3 miscarriages in a row, while I have had 3 healthy children in a row. I was convicted again!
We all have troubles, so don't look at the good things in others lives and feel jealous . They also have trials that you wouldn't want. And there are probably things you have that they would love to have!

5 April 2015

Reason for Lack of Posts

Maybe you have noticed that I don't post much on this blog at the moment. This reason is not that I am slack, but that I am pregnant! And when I am pregnant, the little bit of time that I would usually spend on the computer is now spent resting so I can keep up with my children and housework!
So I'm sorry for the lack of posts at the moment, but I just wanted you to know it's for a very good reason! :) I will try and post sometimes, but they may be few and far between.