22 April 2016

Why Pain?

Our baby girl has a drain in her chest at the moment as there is a lot of fluid there. But the drain leaks so her dressing needs to be changed a lot. A few days ago I was standing next to her cot while the nurses were changing her dressing. Lydia was crying as it was painful. I don't know how babies think, but if she thought like an adult I could imagine her thinking, "Mummy, are you really there? How can you stand there and watch people hurting me? Why aren't you stopping them? It hurts! Why, Mummy?"
Lydia couldn't understand the reason why. But because of my love for her, I have to let her be hurt when it means that it will help her get better. I only let people hurt her when it has to be done--when it is for her good. It hurts me to see her hurt.
As I watched her and thought about this, I learned a lesson. There are painful things in my life at the moment and I find myself asking God the same questions. "Are you really there? Why is this happening? Why are you allowing this? It hurts! Why?"
I don't understand the reason why. But because of God's love for me, He does allow things that will help change me for the good.
I can trust Him. He is in control. He doesn't like to see me in pain, but He knows what has to be done. He cares for me far more than I care for Lydia. One day I will see the big picture like God does and then I will understand the purpose of every trial.

3 April 2016

Trust God

Do you ever struggle to trust God?
Last week it was nearly time to leave hospital. Our baby was recovering well from her heart surgery and we could go home and be reunited with our other children that I hadn't seen for two weeks. And yet fears flooded me--fears of something happening to keep us in hospital, fears of being separated from our children again etc.
I knew I needed to trust God but I also knew that sometimes what I want and what God wants are two different things! So I was finding it difficult to trust God.
Then I read a reading from the Daily Light. One of the verses was  "I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end." Jeremiah 29:11
This spoke to me.
 I don't understand why hard things happen in my life---I don't know the reasons why. But God knows. He knows the reasons why and His thoughts are of peace and not of evil. He has a good purpose to everything He allows. He sees the big picture. I can trust Him. He is in control and He promises to work everything together for good if I love Him. He will allow hard trials to change me, teach me and make me more like Him but I can trust that He has a wise purpose for each one and He will go through it with me.

You can trust God!

3 March 2016

Gems from Job #6

Do you ever wonder what to say to someone who is hurting or going through a difficult time? Often all someone needs is sympathy and compassion---a hug, a card, a message to say you care, a listening ear or just being there for them. You don't have to say anything! You don't have to have the answers.
In the last year we've been through an unsettling time as we've had a baby that has needed a lot of hospital care.
I remember two particular times, when I was feeling a bit nervous before meeting with the doctors, friends texted me saying they were thinking of me. I shared with them just how I was feeling. I kind of expected them to text me back telling me how I should be feeling--that I shouldn't be worrying etc. which I already knew but is easier said than done. Instead they gave me sympathy and assured me that they would find it hard too! Instead of feeling condemned I felt encouraged.
It taught me a lesson. I don't need to know the answers; I don't need to know what to say. I just need to sympathize. There is a time for giving advice etc. but often sympathy will help more.
When your friend or someone you know is grieving or hurting, remember sympathy and love go a long way towards helping them feel better!
Job's friends meant well, but were a headache to Job rather than a blessing. They had no sympathy only judgment and 'answers.'

28 February 2016

Gems from Job #5

Job answered his wife with this question when she told him to curse God and die.
It's a good question!
Should we accept all the good things from God but not the difficult things?
Should we eat everything on the plate God gives us, or just the things we like?
The things we don't like are often good for us.
We don't actually deserve any of the good things God gives us. And the trials we do get are nothing compared to what our sin deserves.
Instead of wondering 'How come God allowed this bad thing to happen to me?' ask 'How come God has allowed so many good things to happen to me?'
There is an old proverb that says, "All sunshine makes a desert." It's true! If you want a nice garden you need some clouds and rain. All sunshine is not good. It's the same in our lives. If we only got 'good' things from God we wouldn't grow very much as Christians. We need some hard times to make us real and to depend on God.
And we have God's promise that ALL things will work together for GOOD if we love Him.

25 February 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Pure Until Marriage

This post isn't to condemn those of you who have already failed in this area.
But it is my earnest prayer that this post would prevent someone from having to learn the hard way why God says to wait until marriage.
Thankfully I don't have to speak from experience. But from what I have heard from others who learned the hard way, I know it's true. By God's grace, I stayed pure and I wish this for every other unmarried girl. You don't have to learn the hard way!

Why is it important?

1) God says so
God has warned us so many times in the Bible. If God says it, it's important! God created us and He knows what is good. He has rules for our good.

2)It saves much regret
No one ever regreted staying pure. Doing right doesn't bring regret!
But from what I've heard over and over from those who've failed in this area, it brings regret that you have to live with for the rest of your life. God forgives and forgets when we repent, but we can't forget!

3)It saves unnecessary complications.
I'm talking here about getting pregnant before you are married. I went to a parenting course where the majority of the mums had children to different dads that they were no longer with. Listening to all the problems each week that this kind of lifestyle brings, I realized just how wise God is and how good the Biblical principles about marriage are. I heard about problems I never would have imagined. So many complications---children having to still see their dads etc. I am so glad I was kept from those problems.

4)Purity is the greatest wedding gift you can give your future husband

5)Once your purity is lost, you can never undo it.
It's permanent. You can be forgiven and put things right as much as you can, but you can't change it. It is a 'permanent marker.'

6)Being a parent is hard work!
Again about getting pregnant. I can't imagine trying to raise my children without my husband! It is hard and you need a husband's support and help. Children need a mum and a dad.

7) It is the 'easy' way
It may be hard to wait, but in the long run it is the easy way. So many people today do it the hard way!

8)It brings no shame
Sin brings shame. When you are married and you get pregnant, it is happy news. There is nothing shameful about it. But when you're not married, it brings you shame because it is a result of sin. If you call yourself a Christian it brings shame to God's name too.

9)It saves guilt
Sin brings guilt. Even when you are forgiven you may still struggle with guilt. Whereas if you wait, there is no need to feel guilty.

10) It brings joy!
How nice it is on your wedding day to know that you waited. You are brand new!

24 February 2016

Gems from Job #4

God said this about Job after he lost nearly everything he owned and loved.
When things are hard your faith is put to the test.
Will you still trust God?
Will you still love God?
Will you still obey God?
Will you still do what's right?